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26.12.1959 Bimetal and trimetal strip production launch.
1960 Plain bearings production launch.
1964 Steel aluminum strip marked AS-15 launched on the new equipment according the

Glacier technology.

1964 The unique special design-research office in the USSR established to development the plain bearings for all USSR engine plants.
1969 – 1971 New Glacier equipment installation for the plain bearings manufacturing.
1971 The beginning to supply of plain bearings to AVTOVAZ.
1990-1991 New Federal Mogul equipment for plain bearings and steel-aluminum strip manufacturing installation and launch.
1998 Quality management system certification for strip and bearings according to ISO 9001-1994.
2003 ZMZ-Bearings, LLC established due to separation from ZMZ.
2003 Quality management system certification according to ISO 9001-2000.
2004 Quality management system certification according to ISO/TS 16949-2002.
2007 Daido Metal Japan Co., Ltd acquired ZMZ-Bearings.
2007 ZMZ-Bearings LLC was renamed Daido Metal Russia, LLC.

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